Content v9

Why is there now a “Content v9” with 15GB of doubled-up content already in the “Content” folder from previous installations? This is pretty messy. And Cubase has never played nice with symbolic links during installs, it’s always a manual process to remove and recreate them. It’s too much hoop-jumping to control where my library goes, and 30GB for a 15GB library?..

So, any answers please?

Looks like this may be one of those questions that either won’t have an answer or the answer would be unacceptable for you. That is, if you in fact can actually affirm that the content in the Content v9 folder is genuinely duplicated data and not new data.

Because unless its a clean installation, from my historical experience with Cubase; upgrading from prior versions has never been a very clean and elegant process as one would probably hope for. In fact, I’ve seen upgrades from prior versions actually introduce issues that are really hard to track down.

I usually just bite the bullet and save my work, manually remove all remnants of prior versions, reboot and install the full version.

But… maybe someone may be able to provide a better answer. I’m just sharing from my own experiences.

Yes I can confirm it’s duplicated data. The whole v8 content duplicated into v9.