Contents Cubase 7 pack?

What is Steinberg going to put in the cubase 7 pack?

We have seen that in the last few versions the following are the main things that Steinberg updates:

  • A new instrument
  • New effects
  • Some GUI chances
  • Edit tools

What do you guys/girls think what they will add more?




Margaret… Margaret…

(considering 6.5 has only just come out and no-one’s got to grips with the new features in that yet.) :mrgreen:


Waste of space / time / energy. Right, time for music making again! And please place these posts where they belong, and will go: the Music Lounge. Thanks.

Yes. It’s about MAKING music. Not about using things that “DO” music for you.
How many tools don’t you need before deciding that they don’t work and you need a newer one? :mrgreen:

All the Cubase users producing great music are probably still using SX on XP and still getting things done.
Well, no. That’s naughty of me. My friends who do write great music do use v6 but ask, like normal folk, about the new version when it arrives and not two years before.

The funny thing is that: The more pro the projects and people involved is (think among the best), the less they need all the bells and wistles asked for on this forum. Like timestreching her, there and everywhere. All that offline processing, and fixing everything recorded down to every beat.
They just work hard (on songs and arr) and play good enough to make it as good as it needs to be. From there mixing is a breeze.
The top notch producers/mixers will not touch most of the badly edited and timestretched drums that comes out of lesser than good project studios.

:laughing: I get into trouble for just hinting at this.
They get it, they test it and they either use it or leave it out to save time and sanity. The less titting about the better.
If it needs all that attention in the first place how bad is the recording?

Aloha guys,

Remember this all started with the ‘ELECTRIC GUITAR’!!! and Les Paul’s multi tracking.

Just ban that instrument? from all existence and the world will be a better place.

—just joking :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


And it was Bing Crosby you’ve to thank for multi-track tape. He invested before 3M went bust being ignored.

What? Does that mean no virtual fan base, fan club, mosh pit, tour bus, beer stains, overdoses, postum cult following and ridiculously over sized mausoleum with ledgers and 3D cinema, pop corn and bubbly beverages and merchandise ranging from badges to blimps. None of it??? That’s it!!! I’m going Sonar! :imp:

I’m lookin for a arpeggiationn effect that can load as an effect like a reverb, delay, ect. Athat can take incoming audio, and process it so it sounds like an arpeggeio