Contents of All Flows on Each Mode, Especially for Print Mode

Dear users,

Currently, there is a property panel for Flows only in Setup mode.
What do you think if Dorico provides Contents of All Flows on Each Mode? It would be beneficial when navigating.
If this idea did get many agreements, I would like to put it into Dorico 5 Most Wanted thread.
This idea has arisen while navigating some pages in Print Mode, especially for Print Mode.


There are already several ways of navigating through Flows in the other modes.

Edit > Go To > Go To Bar
You can select each flow there. Or use Go To Next/Previous Flow in the same menu. (I have added shortcuts for these commands.)

Jump Bar
The Jump Bar’s Go To panel lets you type f25 for Flow 25.

Play mode has a dedicated Flow drop-down list in the top left corner.

I’ll admit that you can’t easily Go to the start of a given flow in Print mode. Though if you select Flows to print, then only the selected flows will show in the main window.

“This list doesn’t mean anything. They’re just requests!” :rofl:

Daniel reads all the threads. None is more special than the others.

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Thank you very much!

In Print Mode, the Jump Bar is not invoked, and I should know the page number which I see. It would be nice if the Jump Bar also worked in Print Mode!