Contents of Graphics frame not displaying

I have a project that will not display the content of my graphics frame using Dorico 5. I opened it in Dorcio 4 just to see if the graphics displays, and it does. Is this a known bug? File is attached.

Forge Of Vulcan Musicianship Challenge.dorico (3.1 MB)

I can confirm the behaviour which you described.

I found that when I re-sized the image in a graphics editing program (down to 50%), it imported (using Dorico 5) and displayed without any problems. The dimensions of the original image are above 6000 x 6000. Maybe Dorico 5 has a different size limit than Dorico 4?

For that kind of line drawing, I’d recommend using an SVG rather than a PNG/JPG if possible: it will be much smaller in terms of the impact on the file size, and can be rendered at any resolution without any loss of quality.

If you don’t have your logo in a vector format, you should be able to use any number of illustration programs to produce a traced version of it.