Context Help - single thing to make Cubase compete with PT

Biggest jump in competing with ProTools I think is about getting to know the tools in shortest amount of time.

Where Cubase fails to many daws like ProTools and Sonar is help and manual.
ProTools manual also shines above Cubase manual.

Just getting to first page of pdf is not quite doing the job.

The single thing I miss the most in Cubase - real context sensitive help.
ProTools made it’s own help system - not relying on windows help, since it is multiplatform.
So same things goes for Cubase I think - make you own system, not having to make two systems.

Thanks for any support on this. It would be the biggest boost for Cubase ever.
To really get to know every little assistance there is - because I discover new cool things all the time, but god it takes a lot of effort and uphill battle. It can be lowered learning curve for sure with real help built in.