Context Menu Shortcut

Is it possible to access the context menu via key commands? Because of Dorico’s awesome interface, I hardly have to reach for my mouse… except for opening the context menu. Is there a shortcut perhaps?

The Context Menu is just a subset of the Edit Menu. So, E on Windows.

Macros are your friend here.

I will have to see whether a Macro can be made for this once I get back to the studio tomorrow.

Oh, it definitely can. It’s a combination of Alt, E, then arrows.

On the Mac, CTRL F2 will highlight the Apple menu, from whence you can arrow around the menubar. (Though something seems to be conflicting with that on my setup ATM.)

Thank you all for your suggestions. I have found alt+E to work, as well as the menu key (which is now my preferred method). Thank you one and all.