Context Sensitive Tool, i.e. Smart Tool

Hello Everyone,

I have fairly recently switched DAWs from Samplitude to Cubase Pro 9 and I’m really digging Cubase 9.5 now. Kudos to the Cubase team for adding some really great features into 8.5, 9 and 9.5! Mix engine is fantastic!

I started with Soundscape, then to Pro Tools, then Samplitude and now I’ve found a home with Cubase Pro. BUT…a Context Sensitive Multi-tool like Soundscape had would be a really, really, really useful tool. If you’ve ever run Soundscape, it was customizable and could be easily changed in a setup window to do numerous tool related tasks depending on where you were over the clip. It was really cool.

So, that’s really the main disturbance in the force for me. I am not wanting Cubase to be anything else- I would just greatly appreciate that familiarity that speeds up editing.


Scott L Wilson





That was/is so useful in SONAR!

Yeah, when I -really- think about it there are only really 5 things that seriously slow me down with Cubase.

  1. The FECKIN’ SKINNY SCROLL BARS… a total buzz kill I never tire of ranting about.

  2. The way the ‘Follow’ never seems to be set where I want it.

  3. The way the ‘Snap’ never seems to be set where I want it.

  4. The way you have to constantly jump in and out of the Editor windows to do basic things like split parts or combine parts.

  5. And last but not least, the almost constant double-clutching switching between tools. It always seems like you have to do like TWICE as many keystrokes as necessary.

What all of the above have in common is that they can ALL be fixed with a little bit of ergonomic thought and maybe just a few hours of programmer time. And if I -really- think about it, if these tiny things were improved, they would improve my Cubase life about 100xs more than pretty much -any- of the ‘sexy’ features they’ve added since SX4 or 5.

All the needless ciickety clicking I’ve gotten used to is really silly.

First, +1 to the feature request.

For me the number one buzz kill is the inappropriate positioning after autoscroll. So I propose another item in the above list. Hopefully this is fixed in 9.5 (I will be installing soon, upgrading from version 8). We edit content to the right of the cursor, not to the left, because we can’t hit Play and hear it. When the screen is automatically positioned so that the cursor is near the right border, we have to scroll to set thing up for proper editing. This is vastly annoying and counter-productive.

Let’s stay completely on target, folks – only one suggestion per thread.

A Smart Tool is a hugely needed feature, so +1!


+1 That would be nice to have indeed. I tend to come back to my Protools habits a lot, like hittin E (remapped it in Cubase) to zoom in full to a part, do some editing like splitting, slipping etc…kinda keeps the editor away for the most basic tasks. Permanently switching between tools sucks, especially using a mouse. Along with this, Cubase could become a lot smarter as in scaling (fade)handles and all that relative to current zoom level.

-1, unless the “smart” tool can be disabled, i honestly hate the smart tool in protools, i find it cumbersome and never does what i want it to do