Contextual Keyboard Shortcuts

The way I see it, there’s 2 kinds of shortcuts, global shortcuts and context-specific shortcuts. Opening the MixConsole is a global shortcut, and quantizing the selected notes in the Key Editor is a contextual shortcut. It’d be nice if we can assign multiple contextual commands to the same key.

So, when the Key Editor is focused, Q will Quantize. And when the mix console is focused, Q will Expand: EQs or whatever you do often. When a key is assigned to a global command, the user shouldn’t be able to assign an additional command to the same key without warning of overwriting.

If this is currently possible please let me know.

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It’s currently not possible from within Cubase.
There are some 3rd party tools that would allow you to achieve much of the same result. If you’re on a Windows machine, Auto Hot Key for example can be used re-interpret keyboard presses depending on what window is in focus.