Contextual Menu: Music Symbols request


It so nice to have such contextual menu for entering alterations along with text, especially for chords and pitch, but where is double-flat? double sharp? would it be possible in the future to add/customize such symbols? Thanks!


You can insert any Unicode character with {@U+xxxx@} (xxxx=hexadecimal code point, of course), so you only need to find the right SMuFL codes. See Text tokens .

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Yes I know, but that contextual menu should at least feature that no?!

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It would be nice if Dorico had a little tool to look up the Uniode characters directly from within the application.


Yes, that would be nice, although it would require a bit of extra UI to give the user the opportunity to look up the character. Just entering {@U+xxxx@} would be confusing to many users. @k_b’s suggestion would be nice indeed.


SMuFL is such a large spec that I find the web page the best possible interface for finding characters.

There are some useful changes coming in this regard in Dorico 4, so watch this space.