Contiguous track

How do I take a track that isn’t the full length of the timeline (a punch in) and make it a contiguous track. I’m trying to export from Nuendo to a project file that can be opened in pro tools with all tracks full timeline length so the engineer doesn’t have to guess starting positions. Sorry for the rookie explanation.

I desperately need this if anyone knows how. Simply cant figure it out.

Click on an event with the right lenght & position and press P for selecting the
correct range in the time line automatically.

Solo the track to be exported and do it …there u are.
If you don’t have sample tracks to adjust the lenght to, just drag the markers in the time line into position.

Was this what you are looking for?

Cheers, Big K

That’s it. Thanks. Audio mixdown does it.

Set your L and R makers to the full length timeline, select your track, mute all others and run the Export Audio Mixdown function.
Select a new file name, file format and properties.
A new full length individual file will be created.

use BWAV (Broadcast wave) as file format, each file will have its own timecode position relative to the song. On import just select to position it at its origin - in this case no need for a full length timeline file.


Hi …
What you suggested in “B” is exactly what I told him, too… Only just to the range of a given event with the correct total lenght ( if it begins at PT project’s startpoint ), because the starting point of the PT project might not be the same as in the Nuendo npr.

There are a few ways to achieve this task. You might also want to ask for a omf file, and work to that…

Big K