continously Midi-out signal

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I posted my problem in the german section as well but I have the feeling there not that much action :slight_smile:
Well, thi is it: Last week I bought the AI and QC . Since then I have a continously midi-out signal shown in the transportation display. It’s like a visual metronome. When I disable at “configure devices” the midioutput of the AI and QC it disappears. So, the source of the problem is there. But how to fix? I disconnected the AI and QC from the USB ports but nothing changed. I still have that midi-out action. Anybody know something about that issue and how to fix it?

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Edit: I found another thread about that spiking midi stuff and I’ll unchecked “midi activity”. It’s gone.

yes it’s gone, but that way you won’t see ANY Midi activity…

Yes. Are there any alternatives?


no we are stuck with it , it’s annoying i know as ive always used the midi activity to keep an eye on the activity but now …it is what it is , steinberg can’t be bothered to sort it out

Here’s some background

it’s not the question of it being active sense it’s the fact that steinberg have now changed the whole behaviour of the midi activity , if they wanted to integrate “active sense” then another small activity meter would of been nice , ive been using outboard midi gear since 1989 and to me it is very important not to see this behaviour to keep an eye open for sysex messages being sent and returned ,so to me it’s bloody annoying



Posted purely to give a little background for some. Not intended as an excuse.
There’s no reason this activity cannot be filtered out, and If I’m not mistaken, a fix for this is under consideration but is probably not a priority.

well it’s been a long time in the waiting and there is no signs that it will be sorted out now we have had the fix for c7

original post where steinberg were going to investigate …and they have done nothing since :wink:

You post crap like this all the time. Do you know someone at Steinberg that is telling you what they are considering? They’ve pretty much flat out said that this is “working as designed”. They’ve even argued that this is to MIDI Spec, ignoring the fact that it is the spec for a FEATURE that they didn’t implement, other than the annoying notification part.

I simply take that as a ray of hope.

You realize that was over a year (and two patches) ago. The last patch being nothing more than getting it working with C7. The prior patch was absolutely trivial tweaking of parameters. So, after what, nearly two years? Almost nothing has been done with these. I’m not hopeful that they even remember that they made them.

and now they are selling 6 controllers for £244 lol i think they are trying to get rid of the last of the stock :laughing: :laughing: