Continual freezing up of entire program

My Dorico 4.3 keeps freezing when I close one file and open another. I used to be able to open many files at once back in Dorico 3.

I read many other posts regarding freezing up, but they did not relate.

Dorico (2.7 MB)

Sorry to hear you’ve been having problems. We’ll need to get some further logs from your system so that we can see what’s happening when Dorico hangs. Can you please install Windows Performance Recorder:

Run WPR alongside Dorico, and get ready to record the hang: start the recording, reproduce the problem, then stop the recording, and save the resulting log file. Zip it up, and if the zip file is smaller than 4MB, attach it here; otherwise, you can send a link via e.g.


I guess you will need to do as it says and edit the wpr.config.xml file to change the shortcut for saving recording. Let us know if you can’t figure out how to do that.

Hi @kerkenat , actually, you don’t need the shortcut. If you want to end the recording, simply bring the Windows Performance Recorder window to front and click on the Save button.

I clicked save on wpr, and the computer instantly rebooted. {pulling my hair out}

Is this what you need?:

Must be fault in the WPR. Actually I had the same yesterday when I wanted to try it out. I also got a bluescreen when clicking on Save…

there are 4 different “wpr.config.xml” files on my computer.
Editing it is kind of over my head.

But you could run WPR already, right? Well, except for the fact that that your machine rebooted on clicking the Save button. And the rebooting has nothing to do with the config.xml.

Actually, what version of WPR do you have?

I couldn’t figure WPR out.

I reinstalled Windows, and Dorico and Cubase etc etc…

Dorico 4.311 now works as expected.

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I’d much rather play my guitar then try to troubleshoot computer issues.

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After a complete reinstall of Windows 10, my Dorico started freezing up again, but this time I actually figured out why.

My repeat structures were invalid. That’s all it was, I think.

I hope if someone else experiences these frustrating issues they can read this thread.

Dorico ought to detect that the repeat structures are invalid and automatically disable repeats playback to prevent this kind of problem. If you have a project in which you have invalid repeats but where Dorico failed to spot it, please share the project with us.