Continuation line text for dynamics [FR?]

I have a long crescendo using a dotted continuation line. Is it possible for Dorico to automatically generate (cresc.) at the beginning of each following system?

This would also be helpful for long gradual tempo changes.

This is easy to accomplish in Finale and Sibelius but I have not been able to find any help in the manual or on the forum.

If not possible, please consider this a feature request.


As far as I can see, that feature is currently only available for pedal lines, with the option in Properties to hide or show the parentheses. Octave lines and playing techniques also appear to have this feature.

This wouldn’t be a bad feature to have. I’m thinking of some of the dense scores like Mahler or Strauss, where a continuation line from page to page would need a parenthetical note to differentiate it from the thicket of other marks.

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I was going to ask the same question. Seems like a simple feature and is helpful as a general rule. Looks like lines might solve this problem, but I don’t see why dynamics couldn’t have this customizable rule.

You could, of course, fake the repetition of (cresc) with a matching paragraph style to that of the gradual dynamics font.

That is exactly what I do, but it gets a bit fiddly when score and part have different line breaks.


It does seem insanely tedious :frowning:

It’s a pity such a basic feature is missing

It is easy enough to create a fake playing technique to achieve this (as pointed out by @StevenJones01 above)