Continuation Lines Missing in Drum Kit Part

I’m having trouble seeing continuation lines in a drum-kit staff.


I’ve created a playing technique (“light fills”) that includes a continuation line (dashed line with inward hook). I see the line in any other staff to which I add it, but it does not show in my drum kit staff.

(I’ve searched every menu/dialogue box I could think of, plus online manual and forum searches. Any help much appreciated!)

Can you provide a cut down version of the project? It works for me, usually.

You mean, send you a piece to see it?

Yes, try saving a copy of your project, Judd, then delete all the music except for the percussion player in a single flow, and delete all the music but a couple of bars – just enough for us to investigate and reproduce the problem. Upload that cut-down version of the project here.

Here is a four-measure slice of (a copy of) the project. I left the piano part in along with the drum kit, and you can see that the continuation line displays on the upper piano staff but not the drum kit. (N.B. I am using NorB Sans as my text font, in case you don’t have that installed and things look odd.)

Swing Shift Nonet copy.dorico (626.4 KB)

It’s because the light fills technique has no duration. Select it and extend it (shift-alt-right) and the continuation appears.

This is strange, as I applied the technique to a selected range of rests. (And shift-cmd/alt-R only moves the page around on the screen for me. I must not understand your instructions.)

Here’s a screen capture of me applying the technique to two measures of rest in both the drum-kit staff (unsuccessfully) and the trombone staff (successfully).

(Sorry, I’m strictly Windows only!) It is shift-opt-right arrow on Mac.

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(Yes, I suppose we all ought to have platform-specifying signatures on here, à la the Vi-Control forum, just to help with those little moments of disconnect!)

Thanks, @Janus ; I was able to apply the key commands and get the line to appear.

Still, I’m wondering why the line automatically appears in other staves but has to be “massaged” out on the drum kit staff.