Continue Writing - Not Working

This doesn’t seem to work with Virgin Territories on or off. I have tried it with both the mouse and control surface and jumped with the mouse and in cycle mode and with arranger tracks. It always stops writing in Auto-Latch.

In Touch Mode it keeps recognizing your touch but you still have to move the parameter when you jump to the next location and will not hold the current position while touching. Maybe not a bug but it not very clear in how it is suppose to work. If this is the proper behavior the manual and text should read “Continue Writing in Touch Mode”. This by the way is the way it has worked since I first became aware of this option sometime pre version 8.

Page 595 in the manual

Continue Writing
If you activate this option, the recording of automation will not be blocked when locating to a new position. This can be used to perform multiple automation passes in Cycle mode or if you are using the arranger functions.
If this option is deactivated and you write automation data and locate to another position in the project, the writing will be stopped until the mouse button is released or until a Stop command is received.