Continued Groove Agent Issues

Hi Adam,

I’m afraid this issue is in Groove Agent itself and it has to be fixed by Steinberg. But Groove Agent 4 is not in the development anymore, so it will not be fixed for Groove Agent 4.

Hopefully it has been fixed for Groove Agent 5.0.20 already.

Hello Martin,

So it means that we have to buy the 5 version and update it with 5.0.20 in order to use the program without any issues?



You can download Groove Agent 5 Trial here.

Or if Groove Agent SE is good enough for you, you can update your Cubase to the current Cubase 10.5. You will get Groove Agent SE 5 with. You can also download Cubase 10.5 Trial here.

Try before you buy.

Hello Martin,

I updated my Cubase to 10.5 and everything is fine with it.

Many thanks for your advice.

Best regards,