Continued Routing Best Practices / Struggles

So I’ve now got multiple songs set up in VSTL2 and it appears to be stable running plugins etc. I was experimenting with using “song groups” to create effects channels for each song. My issue is this: I am running global vocal channels with processing on each channel (but no effects). If I create a song group channel and use it to run a verb/delay, I will need to send from the global vocal channel and presumably automate that send for each song. There are only four sends and they don’t change from song to song on a global channel. I figured I could use the same group channel name in each song and hopefully the send will work in every song even though the group channel is different (but named the same if that makes sense). If I did that, I would have to automate whether the send is engaged for that particular singer in each song. I’ve got volume automation working on the global vocal tracks, but when I try to automate the send engaging and disengaging (enable/disable S1 on the global vocal track), it doesn’t do anything. Ive tried automating to the highest maximum number on the automation track and the lowest and I’m getting no response. Am I missing something?

Starting to think it may just be easier to create vocal tracks that aren’t global for each song so I don’t have to spend so much time automating. But then changes to one track (e.g., EQ on vocals) would need to be made on every track. And there would presumably be some loading time when tracks are switched. Thoughts?

Hi, personally i’ve set-up a main voice global stack with inserts on the stack for dynamic eq, ligjt autotune just for slight pitch correction, compressor and limiter/maximizer. Then i used the voice global stack mixer channel inserts to insert chorus, reverb and delay (using wet/dry balance in the effect). Then i automated for each song the key for the autotune, the wet/dry, time and feedback for both reverb and delay and mixer channel insert on off for chorus. No need for sends this way. In the same way i automated sound change on vstbassamp on bass global stcack. Note that i din’t use automation track, i built the project in vst 1 so i used midi track sent to virtual midi 1 out, then configured action on virtual midi 1 in.

Hope it helps.

Ciao, Ciro.

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Oh, if you have multiple global voice channels and you want to apply same reverb and delay, use a global group, set the output of every global voice stack to the global group voices (again so no sends involved, just routing global stacks out to global group in) and apply reverb and delay in inserts here same way as above (using wet/dry balance), autimate each so g to set volumes of the different stacks and parameters for rev/delays.


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