Continued use of the license Elements 9 trial

Tell me please. How to continue using license Elements 9 trial after I switched to AI license. The trial license term has not yet expired. There was a program to do this, but I forgot it.

I presume you got a free Al when you purchase some audio item.
If you did did I think there should have been some sort of number that you entered in the eLicenser control window.
In theory when the Element trial is over the program will switch to the Al version.
I did this in reverse. I had Elements 9 transferred to a USB dongle and got a free Al with a UR22 I made the AI version a soft license.
So I can always open the Al version. But if I insert the USB dongle the full Elements opens.

Wait for some better advice.

Check the Preferences.

There should be an option to run trial version at next start up. Don’t remember the exact wording of the preference but it should be quite obvious.
I guess it’s under General tab.

Next time you run Cubase it should ask you which version you want to run.

I used the Element Trial license for only two days. Then I switched to my AI license and a day later I wanted to go back to the Trial. There were 27 more days left, but for some reason my trial license ended on the day of switching to AI. Thank Schneinberg for a 2 day trial. Now certainly I will not buy Element 9 (((

Why do you say the trial license has ended?
What does it show in elicenser control centre exactly??

That it ended on June 12th.

There is an option in the elicenser to do something like “Start useage period” that may be worth a try.

If not maybe Steinberg would provide you another activation code as you didn’t get to use the trial.

I guess as the AI and Elements are the exact same programme with only the license differentiating the available features that the elicenser is a bit confused by activation of a full license during the trial period. If you had done it the other way around it would have worked fine