Continuing an audio recording, how do you merge takes??

Here’s the situation. I record my singer, let’s say singing a chorus. We take 4 loop recordings then hit stop. If I start recording again to add more loops it creates a new separate event but what I want is it to just add lanes to the previous takes. How do I do this? I have the recording mode set to Merge but it doesn’t merge with what was previously there. If anyone knows how to do this I would be so grateful. I don’t see anything in the manual that is glaringly obvious on how to do this.

One other question… let’s say I have a take with 5 loops in it and I do Events to Part. One of the loops let’s say he messed up right in the beginning of loop 3 so we chatted in between the loop. It’s a useless part so I delete that lane, but what Cubase does is leave an empty lane. I would like it to move the below lanes up into the deleted lane’s place since it makes for easier viewing/editing. If I try to manually drag the lane up it always moves off timing and I’d have to sit there and align it precisely which obviously is a PITA. Is there any way to remove a lane entirely so there is no empty space left and have Cubase basically just show the lanes with recording data?

FYI, I do all my editing in the Audio Part Editor rather than the lane view thingy in the main window.


OK, I must be a total retard or something. I don’t know why I had an issue when recording my singer this past weekend but I just tested now and if I start recording again, then after do an Events to Part, all the takes are listed nicely together. Maybe I did Events to Part first then later tried to add? I dunno, either way it seems like user error. Also, I tested moving the lanes and the reason I had an issue prior was because I had Snap turned off. So, I’m all set. Mod’s please feel free to delete my thread of idiocy lol. :blush:


You’re doing OK. Only took you 40 minutes to do it yourself. It’s a good lesson that the forum is a quick help resource rather than for more serious stuff and mostly things can be resolved fairly quickly with a little thought and diligence.
Sound on Sound has a couple of good articles at the moment about the new comping.

And also, someone here mentioned in a recent post: To bring an independent audio TRACK into a lane system, first drag the track onto the target TRACK to get it in the lanes - then drag it to the target LANE.

I tested and it turned out I must’ve did events to part then tried to add. When I recreated that it was a new part of course so it didn’t add. Again, simply user error.


Also just checked something else out that works great: Can combine multiple tracks that have no lanes in them into one big track with multiple lanes, using the drag and drop as above.