Continuing to use Elements after upgrading to Artist


I’m about to purchase an upgrade from my current Cubase Elements 9.5 to Cubase Artist 10. When I do this, will I be able to continue to run Elements on my computer alongside Artist, and if so will I be eligible for the use of Cubase Elements 10?

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You will be able to use Cubase Elements 9.5 on the computer the USB eLicenser (Which you then also need) that contains the upgraded Artist 10 license is connected to. And you will also be able to run Cubase elements 10.

awesome thank you!

N.B. until you have the hardware USB eLicenser, you will not be able to activate the upgraded C10 Artist license (which requires hardware protection), so assuming you currently do not have a USB eLicenser, you will have to purchase one either locally or online.

You can still avail of the current 50% upgrade offer, but you will have to wait until you have an activated license on a USB eLicenser before you can run either C10 Artist or C10 Elements. If you avail of the offer, you will be emailed an activation code for C10 Artist, but that will only work in conjuntion with a USB eLicenser, not the Soft-eLicenser that’s currently allowing you to run C9 Elements. You can wait until you get a USB eLicenser to use the activation code – they don’t expire.

The C10 Artist license on a USB eLicenser is what will enable you to run C10 Elements. See also: USB-eLicenser help/FAQ (dongle, key)