Continuos loop question Playhead - Spectralayers 9 /8 standalone

Hi there,

I am having an issue with getting the playhead to follow the timeline bar when looping on continuous scroll. In my case, it appears to play through the track once, but then doesn’t jump back visually to the start for the next loop playback – the audio starts again from the beginning, but the playhead (and scrolling), doesn’t.

I have read the manual and can’t appear to find the right Transport settings to do this. I’ve tried everything – lol.
What I am wanting to do is essentially have a track on repeat whilst I have zoomed in, and then visually watch as spectralayers scrolls through the track – (and then starts again). My particular example is a drum track.

I’m sure I had the continuous scrolling on repeat / loop, but have no idea how I did it. I’ve also tried loop playback on time selection, but as this essentially “greys out” the selected area, it kind of defeats my purpose as I want to be able to visually inspect the selection as its going past and not make it harder for me too see.

I apologize if this is a silly question,

Any help appreciated, Thanks