Continuous CD / With Track Markers


I am using Wavelab6 at a friend’s studio to burn my master CD for duplication.

I have 3 tracks which I want to burn to one cd.

Each track will continuously flow from one to the next. However I want to add track markers which designate when a track starts and ends if selected individually on a CD player.

I tried this long ago and used track markers to do this. I have included CD Track start and end markers for every track after adjusting all the track fades

However now I get the error “There are some clips which are not included inside CD tracks. This is not allowed when burning CDs (unless the “Audio in pauses” mode is activated)”

Not sure how i got this sorted years ago but would be really great if I could do this.

Please help!!


someone please help me out… i’m about to dump wavelab and move on to another software



If the tracks actually do flow together, use Splice marks instead of End and Start marks between tracks. But if you want the old style end marks with countdown between tracks (which is what it seems you’ve set up), enable the “Audio in Pause” button, because it sounds like you’re placing the End and Start marks not at clip edges, but on top of the clip. That’s where the error message is coming from. But if you enable the “Audio in Pause” button that should be fine.

Just test it in CD players and in iTunes afterward to make sure it’s doing what you want, without cutting off program between the end and start markers.