Continuous flows (Musical Theatre)

Hi all,

I am currently in the process of inputting a musical theatre partitur into Dorico. Frequently in musical theatre, numbers flow directly in the next number. I am currently entering each number as a separate flow (as I believe the makers of Dorico intend!) but I am coming across several issues with this.

  1. In the following example I need a slur to carry on from the end of one flow to the first note of the next. This seems to be impossible, however. Is there a way to achieve this?

  2. I also need to add the ‘Segue’ marking. Is there a system text I can right-align and attach to the final barline of a flow?

3.Can I set flows to play with no break between them

Thanks so much in advance. I know I’ve combined several questions, but they seem to be related.

Leigh :slight_smile:

  1. You’ll have to manually adjust the slurs to look like continuation slurs in Engrave Mode.
  2. You can create a Paragraph Style with right-align and use it for System Text.
  3. Playback Options contains a global setting for the gap between flows.

Further to what Ben said about 1., for the continuation (page 2) you’ll need to misuse a laissez vibrez tie, dragged backwards in Engrave mode. Dorico understandably won’t entertain the idea of a slur that’s only attached to one note.

You can also set any text box to align left, right, or center within the text box editor itself. In properties you can set the text to appear below the staff if you wish (although when I do this the text collides with measure numbers, which I also put below the staff).

Thanks for all the information.

  1. I’ve manually adjusted the slurs in Engrave mode and taken Leo’s suggestion of using laissez vibrez ties. I wonder if in a future version Dorico might be able to continue information like that into the next flow, or if this will never happen as it goes against the whole ethos behind flows.

  2. I have created a right-aligned paragraph style, but there seems to be no way (or no easy way that I can see) to make the right of the text snap to the right of the system. I have tried attaching the text to the final barline but that doesn’t work, and attaching it to a final, say, quaver rest in the bar doesn’t leave it neath and flush. Am I missing something?

  3. Solved! Thanks benwiggy.

For the segue text, I think I’d employ the following workaround:

  1. Goto Layout Options and set the following for all layouts (you’ll need to apply to part layouts and score layouts separately)

  1. At the end of the first flow, go Shift+R fine Enter, then set the Custom Text property and type Segue into the box. Job done, and should be in the correct place in all layouts.

On a practical level: why would you use separate flows if they work against you and you have to manually drag lv slurs? Breitkopf used only one ‘flow avant la lettre’ for the entire Mendelssohn violin concerto, just because the movements flow into each other:

Screenshot 2019-12-19 at 15.49.26.jpg

It seems obvious to me that Leigh’s creating parts that go in tandem with an existing score (Maury Yeston’s “Titanic”, by the looks of things), so in answer to mth’s question: because that’s what the existing score does.

Support - both playback and layoutwise, for attaca in general would be most welcome.

Leo is right, mth. Because that is what the demands of musical theatre are. All musical theatre scores are formatted that way, with separate titles and the need for tacets. A concerto of three movements is a completely different beast to a musical theatre score containing (in the case of “Titanic”) more than 40 separate numbers, some of which flow into each other, some not.

Your workaround worked a treat, Leo. Thanks!