Continuous Loop Mode in Sampler Control Not Continuous

Hi All…

As I understand it, and as the documentation led me to believe, once a sample is loaded in the Sampler Control I can get it to play continuously if I select Continuous in Loop Mode and trigger the sample via the keyboard. However, when I try this, the sample plays until I take my finger off the key (as it would if I selected Until Release). What’s the story here? Am I doing something wrong? Am I misinformed? Should I pack up everything and move to a dairy farm? Help please!



It will play in the loop until you release the MIDI Note, of course.

Here is an example of how you might use continuous loop.

Lets say you have a string sample that starts with a transient, sustains for 3 seconds and then decays for a second. You could set the loop point during the sustain and each time you play the note it plays the start, then it loops this section while you hold down the key and then once you let go it plays the remainder of the loop and then the last second of decay.

Thanks guys!