Continuous microtonal Glissando playback in Dorico 5.1

I’m loving the new continuous glissando playback in 5.1.
However, it seems to break when microtones are involved.
E.g. a glissando from C down to G quarter-tone-flat just plays as two notes.
I’m using Noteperformer btw, and checked that the pitchbend range is indeed 12 semitones.

I’m not sure if the new new gliss is designed at all to work with microtones – someone else will be able to confirm – but you can always set the pitch bend manually (in the Key Editor pitch bend lane) if necessary. Unlike in Cubase, Dorico just uses a +/- 100 scale which means that for every semitone in a range of 12, you need 8.33 or for a quarter tone, just over 4.