Continuous movements - can't do with flows?

I’m entering a work with multiple movements into Dorico at the moment, with each movement as a separate flow, which is working nicely, and I can include the name of the movement/flow in the page headers. But I’m coming up to a pair of movements that flow into each other with no break (and a couple of notes held over between the movements). I don’t think I can do that with flows (can I?) so is there any way to change the page headings when I move into the new movement?

You can’t do it in terms of playback unless you’ve told Playback Options to leave a gap of 0 between each flow - this will affect the gap between each flow, though. In terms of laying it out on the page, you can do it by suppressing flow headings on the individual pages (in each layout separately). If for whatever reason you need the headers at the top of the page to change, you can override them (again in each layout separately) by double-clicking the text frame to edit and replacing {@flowTitle@} with e.g. {@flow8title@} (using whichever flow title you want).