continuous pausing while comping

Cubase 8 64 bit running great but for this one caveat. The simplest editing (i.e. resizing a waveform) while comping causes a pause of between maybe 10 to 15 seconds. ( more at times) This is adding up to extra hours for editing!

CPU usage 5%, Plenty memory, during every other phase of the program. No spikes or glitches.

However, in Resource Monitor Overview tab, Cubase8.exe shows a spike of 32% cpu usage and the red notation under Status “not responding” during the pause.

Surely the simplest editing procedure shouldn’t cause this, so does anyone have a suggestion for a setting I may have overlooked?

BTW, I have multiple lanes at 96k at 24 bit.


Since this dilemma seemed unique to me I fell back to the earlier version. System Restore took me back to ver. 8.0.5. Editing appears back to normal…speedy as always. Can’t be sure if it was the latest Cubase update or a Windows update which caused the trouble.


I was editing a 96k project and I was getting pauses while editing, e.g. snip tool then a pause, adjust fade then a pause. I’ve had this before when editing long/large projects. To reduce the pause length I create a new empty track version, then copy over only part of the song(s) and edited there, copying back later. In my case the pause length is linked to the number of clips on the same track but before where I’m editing, so reducing them makes it work much better.


Thanks Mike, In my project I was working with multiple takes in lanes on three tracks simultaneously. I’ll try your suggestion. I have also reduced the number of lanes used by punching in segments instead of recording complete new takes.

I don’t know if this affects the results but I’m still getting use out of the Q9550 board which I realize it quite old now. And is limited to 8 GB onboard.