Continuous playback of cc-automation (bank channels)

Hey there,

In my template I tend to use cc values as keyswitches for articulations (instead of low notes).
Sometimes when I want a long legato passage these keyswitches can stay unchanged for a couple of bars, which should be fine. (When using a note-based keyswitch I can just press anywhere in this passage and even if the vst was set to a different articulation it jumps back to legato in this instance because it reads the low note again.)
This however isn’t the case for cc-values, and I don’t know which setting I have to change to fix this. Whenever I pass a programmed cc-‘node’ (so the little box on the cc-lane) it’s all fine and the instrument changed articulation. But let’s say it’s set to marcato and I jump back to the middle of the legato passage it doesn’t play legato because the playback header hasn’t passed the programmed node.
I basically want cubase to constantly read (or atleast at the start of playback) the cc-values assigned to a channel even when there isn’t a node present but the cc-value has been set a bar or two before.

Any help is appreciated!

Look at “Chase Events” in preferences under MIDI.

I did take a look at this in my own search. At first I had the same problem with the ‘normal’ low-note keyswitching and enabled it here. I now have the program change chase box ticked but it doesn’t seem to work for cc automation.