Continuous Top Banner Lock Ups V....70

I am sending the Crash Dump files directly to Steinberg due to the latest version of Cubase 12 Pro due to the top banner of the software locking up in the Middel of a recording. This has been going on for some time (v…50, V…60 Etc…) and is VERY frustrating to deal with. I have made myself available to beta test if push comes to shove.

Alan Russell


If I’m not mistaken, you sent some DMP files here on the forum too, right?

If this is the case, the files have been resolved and you know, where the crash is, if it’s in Cubase and it had been reported Steinberg to the bugs-tracking system, or if it’s in any plug-in.

If I’m right, some crashes were in Windows WDM MIDI Driver (Steinberg can’t do anything here, it’s on Microsoft side) and some in Cubase (known issue).

So what is the sense of this post, please? How can we (users) help you?

Microsoft charges a licensing fee to Steinberg for using their software with cubase. STEINBERG should be making inquiries as to why it assumes the windows 11 midi driver is having issues in locking up the top banner of their software while in a live recording. REF: Cubase 12 Pro

every time there is a lock up I restart the computer go in to cubase and send the DMP file according to the prompt directly to Steinberg

I have no idea if they looked into or resolved this problem because I still have the problem and that is the reason why I am making these inquiries. I am a paid patron of this software and I need to get it to work smoothly. Time is money!

If you want to hand over my problem to somebody else just let me know

Alan Russell. ALMAR MUSIC Ltd. USA.

I am looking into a very high screen resolution I am using with windows 11 with my 32 inch not flat wide screen monitor. I have a gut feeling that this is causing the lock up problem and I will get back to you.


If you have a specific issue other the one we have discussed already, write a description and attach the DMP file to the given description, please.


I already created a new one please have a look when time permits and thanks

Alan Russell

Martin does not work for Steinberg and has no access to their customer database. He cannot see the crash reports that you sent through the dialog of Cubase.

If I may ask: What is Top Banner?