Contol Room output level

I’m experimenting with setting up Control Room for the purpose of EQ’ing speakers using an inserted plug-in.

I activate outputs 3+4 and choose those outputs for Control Room. I’m still using 1+2 as usual. The meters on my MOTU M4 show about 7-8 db more gain on 3+4. Control room level is set at 0db.
I assumed the levels should be exactly the same on my hardware.
Any thoughts or advice will be appreciated.

Do the peak level meters in Cubase all show the same value (Channel, Master Out, Control Room)?

Actually Yes, in Cubase the main out and CR out (using the CR button to A/B) are both showing the exact same value. It struck me as odd that my hardware meters were different.

For what it’s worth, I decided to take a different approach. I’m using only the main outs and turned off “Exclusive Device Ports for Different Monitors” in the CR settings. Then I set up two “Monitors” in CR, (two output buses in Audio Connections for CR) both using 1+2 for outputs. One with the EQ I need and one without.

When I’m not using the speakers that I tuned I can easily switch the EQ off by changing “monitor” (A/B) in CR.

Thanks for the response!

If anybody has any guesses about the hardware metering difference I’d love to hear. Just out of curiosity.

Main out on 1+2 CR on 3+4. One track playing no plugins anywhere.

Extra level from the EQ? What happens if you bypass it?

That pic was taken before I added any plugs. And oddly, the levels seem to match inside Cubase.

What happens if you flip those around?
Stereo Out on 3+4 and CR on 1+2.

This sounds very much like a setting on the interface’s side. Or its mixer software.

Are the non control room outputs in studio/audio connections definitely disabled.

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Thanks for the suggestion. So, an anomaly discovered on my MOTU.

  • I turned off Control Room completely.

  • I Sent the Master out to 3+4 on the MOTU and the meters are indeed hotter on the motu.

  • BUT I noticed that the hotter signal on 3+4 seems to reflect more accurately my levels in Cubase. There are no db markers on the motu but visually it appears to be more accurate on 3+4.

  • I send the Master signal back to 1+2 and the meters on 1+2 are indeed lower. Maybe 6-8db.
    So it appears that the Master out is reduced Not that 3+4 are hot.

  • THEN, I took the output of the track (only one track for this test) and sent that directly to 3+4. The meters on the track and master out in Cubase are exactly the same but the meters on motu looks hotter. So this level discrepancy happens whether I use the main stereo out to 3+4 or just send a track to 3+4. And the levels on 3+4 seem more accurate.

I don’t have any MOTU software installed other than the driver.

Maybe I need to do a better job educating myself about the signal flow for Control Room. I started this by expecting to simply turn on outputs 3+4 and then send Control Room exclusively to those out puts without affecting anything else. Main output unchanged, a second output with a virtual eq on it.
I’m starting to think that the level discrepancy was a distraction.

Anyway, off to the MOTU forums to see about this level discrepancy.
Thanks to everyone who responded.

They don’t have to be. Having Control Room and Stereo Out routed to two separate pairs of outputs is perfectly fine. In fact, that’s how you want it set up if you’re recording your mix onto an external 2-track recorder.

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Err…yes…but it’s also not impossible to have them assigned to same outs which would result in the kind of level boost OP was seeing.

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You’re right, that could happen. However, I think it was quite clear that OP had routed the Stereo Out and Control Room to different outputs on their interface.

I’ve seen plenty of posts where stuff seemed quite clear until poster suddenly changed their mind about how it was being done and it was the obvious thing all along. No harm in double checking.