Contra Bassoon? HALion?


After a quick search of the forum, I was not able to find the asnwer to this question.

But could someone please diect me to where one would find a sample for a contra bassoon in HALion?

Specail thanks,

Dorico 3

AFAIK there isn’t one.

If you use the General MIDI (GM) bassoon sound, there is no limit to the range, but it may not sound very good. (Some human contrabassoonists don’t sound very good either…)

Thank you Rob,

Yes I did have a GM Bassoon sound loaded.

What do you mean by “there is no limit to the range”, because I am currently experiencing limitation with this Bassoon sound as it won’t allow me to manipulate the octave setting so it extends extend below C3 to try and imitate the contrabassoon sound I am after.

Do you have further advice on this?

Thank you again,


Never mind…

I did manage to trigger the sound and you were correct, it was not an attractive sound so I bailed out.

Thanks for saving me some time in this research.


It isn’t supposed to. It is supposed to sound like gears grinding in a failing transmission.

But the sarrusophone is even worse.

For what it’s worth, the NotePerformer contra sound is fantastic and has a huge range.