Contrabass always plays one note

Hello there,

I’m new to Dorico, i just composed a few pieces for piano and wrote them down. But now i want to create something for orchestra. The problem is, whenever i want to play something the contrabass plays a note. an f to be exact (f#, cause the piece is in e-minor).
I don’t know what to do at all, so it would be very nice, if someone could help me with that.

Even when i try to type in a note in the contrabass it plays that f#, like i just typed it in.

Thanks <3

Max, welcome to the forum.

This sounds as if a mismatch between your instrument and its Expression Map is allowing KeySwitches to sound as played notes rather than acting as keyswitches. Try reapplying the Playback Template form the Play menu.

I agree with Derek. it’s nearly always because the keyswitches for a lowest instrument are different (usually higher) than most others. Normally happens when you’re made a mistake in your EM or have accidentally edited someone else’s.

Hi, Sorry for the late response. But it worked! thanks so much!
It was set to Hsse + Hso and should be set to hsse (elements)