Contradictory password-error when registering for trial

When trying to obtain a Dorico trial, I’ve been forced to register via a form, and when I’ve provided a desired password containing an underscore (_), the following contradictory and erroneous error message has been displayed:

Your password needs to be 8 characters or longer or contain> e > forbidden characters.

So it sound like the password must to contain 8+ characters and also must contain forbidden characters (while it obviously must not). And “containe” (with the wrong trailing “e”) is apparently accidentally used instead of the correct “contain”.

I suspect the message for it to be clear and noncontradictory, should instead be either this:

Your password needs to be 8 characters or longer and contain > no > forbidden characters.

or this:

The password you’ve provided either contains less than 8 characters or contains forbidden characters.

Also, it doesn’t make any sense to forbid the underscore character or any other ANSI characters in password.