Control Automation track via MIDI assigned knob

I have a NI Maschine, a Novation X-Station – I want to make a rotary knob on a MIDI device control a specified Automation track. For example the Pedal track on a Wah Wah distortion effect.

How do you do that? :smiley:

You have more options.

  1. Open Devices > Device Setup. On the left side, find Generic Remote, under the Remote Devices. in the upper chart, set your MIDI Input message, or set MIDI Input first, and click Learn. In the bottom chart, set the command, you want to control. For example: Mixer > Audio 01 > Insert 1: WahWah.

  2. Use the Quick Controls. open this panel. Click to L button. Move your knob, on the hardware. Open Devices > Device Setup, and find Quick Controls, under the Remote Device. Set the MIDI Input, and MIDI controller, you want to use. Of course, you can use Learn, very same, as you can use this in the Generic Remote device.

Thanks Martin! I will give that a try tonight.