Control change message through

This is driving me crazy.

I have Dave Smith Prophet12

When local control is switched off on the synth, it relies on program change messages being sent back to it from the DAW.

In Cubase, I can see the program changes in the midi monitor, i can record the program changes, and when i play back they do indeed change programs.

But I cannot figure out how to ensure these messages that come from the keyboard’s instrument panel are sent back to the synth engine when playing the keyboard.

Its odd to me that Dave Smith is said to be the inventor of midi, so should know what he doing, and Cubase has been around since the beginning. How can i get cubase to behave the way dave expects it to?

Thanks for any tips

Have you checked your preferences, specifically MIDI->MIDI Filter. Here you can filter Thru messages, perhaps you’ve filtered out PC msgs?