Control Cubase via "keystrokes" send from Controller

I’m using Cubase Pro 11. Didn’t found any possibility to receive in Cubase “keystrokes” witch sent from my Controller Morningstar MC8. Other DAWs like Ableton are able to do. Was anybody succesful to setup Cubase to receive keystrokes from an external controller ?

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Use Studio > Studio Setup > Generic Remote Device, please.

Thanks for that fast reply. Still didn’t understood. I familiar setting up “Generic Remote Devices” by translating midi commands to indiviual functions/controls. But what about keystrokes ?
Is the answer a) or b) ?
a) Cubase is not able to handle keystroke commands from external controllers like the morningstar series and using old fashion midi commands (PC,CC, etg.) by a translation table to be set within the configuration of a Generic Remote Device.,
b) Cubase is able to handle keystokes “instead of midi commands” from external midi controller.
IF yes, then how to setup ?




If you mean “Key Commands”, then use the Key Commands window, please.

I am guessing he wants to trigger key commands from his MC8 controller.


You cannot trigger Key Command. But you can call all functions, which are Key Commands assignable by using the Generic Remote device.

Yes very true. Perhaps he has macros he wishes to trigger. Better if the OP gives a clear example of what he wishes to achieve.

You can trigger Cubase’s Macros the very same way by using the Generic Remote.

Yes, please.

To be clear, what you call “keystrokes” are MIDI note on / note off messages?
Can you please be specific (an ex.) on what action you want to trigger from what message?

Cubase is very flexible, I’d be surprised it cannot be done.
And now Cubase12 adds a nice editor and GUI.

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the OP is clear.

the mc8 can send midi as well as keystrokes.

so, yes, key commands can be “triggered” by mc8 directly without using generic remote.

Thanks for all that reply and yes this is exactly the piont. MC8 is able to send also all kinds of key commands (in what is also called key strokes). So in that case there is no translation (Generic Remote Device table) needed. MC8 is sending “like a keyboard”. Seems not functioning with my Cubase 11 PRO version. I will try to figure out if Cubase 12 would be able to handle these key commands from a controller…

It works. Proper key assignement was the issue (learning by doing…/ was not as easy as thougt)

Message is, - its working !!!

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