Control filter of multiple slots with one knob

Hi I’m using cubase and Halion 6. Is there a way to set it so one knob on my controller controls the cutoff for all slots of a multi program? I can assign the individual cutoffs to quick controls but can’t seem to control them all at the same time with the same knob.

You could try adding this script to one of the programs. Then control the filter with the script parameter.

zone = this.parent:findZones(true)[1]
filterDef = zone:getParameterDefinition("Filter.Cutoff")

defineParameter("Cutoff", nil, filterDef, function() cutoffChanged() end)

Cutoff = zone:getParameter("Filter.Cutoff")

ins = this.program.instance
numSlots = 16

function cutoffChanged()
	for i = 1, numSlots do
		local program = ins:getSlot(i).program
		if program then
			local zones = program:findZones(true)
			for j, zone in ipairs(zones) do
				zone:setParameter("Filter.Cutoff", Cutoff)

Multi Filter Knob.vstpreset (8.8 KB)