Control functions Nektar P4 not working with cubase elements 10.5?


I can’t get Nektar’s control functions working in Cubase elementes10.5.

Nektar Panorama is not shown in the ‘remote devices’ list. (see attachment)

New firmware update does not work.

There is, however, a link with the Halicon Plug-in and the instruments are audible.

I would like to hear what the solution is. Thanks for your comment.

Kind regards, Siegfried

Have you installed the cubase implementation files from the nektar website? (my account section)

If so, go to remote devices and add panorama from the listing in there. (using the plus (+) button)

Thank you for your response!
The problem is solved.
I made a copy / paste mistake with the downloaded zip file and not all necessary drivers were installed.
Kind regards, Siegfried