Control Im1 or Odyssei by midi with cubasis 2 LE

first sorry for my english.

I have downloaded cubasis 2 LE on my iPad air.
I would liked to play my iOS apps of korg’s Im1 and Odyssei with the midi.

On cubasis, i have created a midi track.
On the routing, i have choiced :
IN : All midi port (ALL)
Midi Thru (ON) :
OUT : Im1
Chanel ALL (i have also tried 1 to 16)

but i can’t managed to play with the cubasis key the sound of Im1
It always plays a sound of instruments of cubasis.

No success with odyssey too !

What is going wrong ?

Thanx for help.

Hi zooranium,

To prevent Cubasis from playing back internal instruments, please tap the instrument icon in of a track and choose “No instrument”. That way you’re able to limit MIDI playback to external app instruments.

Please note that Cubasis LE comes with a limited feature set compared to the full Cubasis version:

If you still fail to connect external app instruments, intended limitations such as the lack of Audio Unit, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus support could be the reason.

To get over these limitations, please have a look at the available full feature set in-app purchase (located in Cubasis LE’s in-app shop). This IAP updates Cubasis LE to the same feature set of the full Cubasis version at a reduced price.

Hope that helps.