Control Inserts on Group Channel via Midi track

I put a midi gate onto a group channel. I created a midi channel all properly routed into this midigate. It seems though, that group channel is not able to recieve this midi signal. Am I missing something?

If I use fx channel instead, everything works fine…

What do I do wrong?

thanx in advance

I’m a bit of an idiot, but why would you use a midi tool on an audio group? Group tracks only process audio, not midi.

MidiGate is plugin for audio, its name refers to way how you control it. But it is designed to process audio :slight_smile:


Ah, ok. Didn’t know that.

When you have MIDIGate on the Group Channel does the gate show up as a destination for MIDI? Some pics of the working and not-working configs might help. It does seem odd since FX & Group Channels pretty much do the same thing. Perhaps something related to the Audio routing - using regular Routing for the Group and a Send for the FX?

Hi, yah it is possible to route midi track into the insert on a group track, but it is just not responding to that signal. When I use FX track instead, it works as expected.
I attach a screenshot of my mix console, maybe it will help.


Seems to work here, even with a group track. What I did :

  1. I quickly rrecorded a little handclap audio clip with a condenser mic and duplicated it three times for convenience, in an audio track, to be able to play it back for long enough. The track output is routed to the Guitars group track.
  2. I added the MIDIGate as insert in the latter.
  3. I added a MIDI track (MidiGateControl) and set its output routing to the related group track insert, labelled by Cubase as Guitars: Ins. 1. MidiGate EventInput.

While playing back the whole project, here is what I get when the MIDI track receives a note message : there is an audio output coming from the group track, as long as I keep the note pressed :

… and here is what I get while not using my MIDI keyboard : no more output from the group track…

Ok, now it is working. Thanx a lot. I have no idea what I did wrong before. I am new to cubase :slight_smile: