Control "LE" Capability in My Cubase EnvironmentGreg, thank you for the video. Currently, I have no speaker monitors set

I justed viewed Greg Ondo’s YouTube video entitled How to Set Up a Listen Bus in Cubase | Q&A with Greg Ondo.

Currently, I have no speaker monitors set up and am working exclusively through headphones. Most recently, I purchased a Waves SoundGrid system, including a DiGiGrid IOX. It has six line outs and four pairs of headphone outputs. As I am not using the line outs for now, they are not patched in SoundGrid Studio, which is the application used to set up a SoundGrid system. Therefore, line outs 1-6 are not available to me in Cubase (10.5.20 Pro). With Control Room activated, my main output buss (“Main Buss”) is defined but neither assigned an audio device nor routed to device ports. In the Audio Connections Control Room tab, presently I have a single stereo buss defined (“Headphone 01”), with the audio device assigned to “Waves SoundGrid” and the device ports routed to “Headphone 1L” and “Headphone 1R”, as these are the physical outputs of the first IOX headphones out that is set up in SoundGrid Studio. Consequently, my Control Room tab displays a “Headphone 01” mix and a “Main” mix. As per the video, the “Main” buss alone has the LE functionality, which makes sense, as it targets the Control Room monitors.

In my current setup, I exhibit the following behavior, and I would like to understand if this makes sense. I created a simple Cubase project with two channels of content. With the Control Room activated, as well as its “LE” button, I monitored via my “Headphones 01” buss. First I tested the regular solo capability on each track, and, as expected, each channel was solo’ed. What I did not expect to work, but did, is each channel’s “listen” capability. To differentiate a listen solo (“L”) from a regular solo (“S”), I increased the “Listen Dim” value. Turns out that pressing each channel’s “L” button resulting in the listen behavior that I would have expected to hear only through my “Main” buss. While this sounds unusual, I think I understand why this behavior “extends” to my “Headphones 01” buss. Since I have no monitor speakings at the moment, I had configured my Mac’s “Audio MIDI Setup” such that the audio output’s speakers are routed to my DiGiGrid IOX’s first headphone output stereo pair. As a result, Cubase’s Control Room “Main” buss respects this routing, allowing me to hear the “Main” buss mix through my headphones. If this is accurate, then the “Headphone 01” Control Room buss seems redundant but unavoidable. Is there a better solution for configuring my Cubase output audio connections in my present set up? Thank you and much appreciated.


How is your Preferences > VST > Control Room > Use Phones Channel as Preview Channel set up, please? Is it enabled?