Control of Time Signature Positions in Score


We need better control on where the large time signature appears on the score. The settings in Engrave Mode are not enough, specially when the options stop on 4+ systems.

I’m currently orchestrating for a big budget production and I can’t seem to position the time signatures in the orchestra score where I’d like, and where the other orchestrators are putting them (they’re using the other two notation programs).

I’ve been getting notes from the head orchestrator that the time signatures can’t be where Dorico automatically puts them, and if it continues like that he want’s me to use one of the other notation softwares (which I REALLY don’t want to do, as I love Dorico).

For the most part they’re fine, but as an example: when there’s separate 2 string sections, I don’t want it to show on the bottom one as it looks very clunky.



As a workaround, you could use local Time Sigs (Alt-Enter) on the lower section then hide them.

Edit: I was thinking they could be hidden independently per Layout, seems not. This would require a text object in the Part Layout to indicate the Time Sig.

Edit 2: Or scale the TS in the score to 1%.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a try. In the example above I would just like one set of time signatures instead of the two that are there. Hopefully we’ll get better control of that in a future update. Ideally it would let you choose which particular staves it will appear.

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This ties in neatly with my troubles with system object positioning, I reckon. Still holding out hope for that one…