Control plugins with a generic remote not possible (CMC-QC)

Hey guys :slight_smile:
First of all, English is not my native language. I hope you still understand my problem.

I just purchased Steinberg CMC-QC controller and I’m a bit disappointed. I want to control all kind of plugins with it, but it’s almost not possible. I will tell you why:
With the CMC-QC I have an EQ-mode and a Quick Control mode. The EQ-mode works fine. Let’s talk about the QC-mode. I made a track preset where I assigned the QC to low- and highcut and panning. So, if I create a new track I can control all these parameters right away. You can save QC presets, so I made one which I control the magneto II in the channel strip. If I want to control magneto II, I just load the preset and I’m ready to go. But this only works because magneto II is in the channel strip! If I make a QU preset for let’s say Multiband Compressor, the preset only works when the plugin is on the same insert slot. If the MB Comp is on slot 1 and I assign all QC, but on another track the MC Comp is on the slot 3, it doesn’t work.

How could we solve this problem? I could make QC preset for each slot. So in the end I would have 8 QC presets for MB Comp for each insert slot. This would be okey if we could make FOLDERS for the QC presets! But we can’t. It’s always a list of all presets. So, it would get messy very fast.

So, there is the “Remote Control Editor” for each plugin and VST instrument. BUT you can only use the RCE with a controller that supports Mackie control. And not with a normal generic remote device. The CMC-QC has also a midi mode. But it’s only a generic remote device. So in my opinion, the CMC-QC is pretty useless. You can use it for the EQ, Pan and the channel strip ant that’s it. I want a feature, where I can assign all my midi parameters to a plugin. And if this plugin is activated, I can control it. If I select another plugin, I can control those parameters and so on. I heard in other DAWs this is possible.

Am I right, if i want to use the Remote Control Editor I need a controller whith supports mackie control. And my CMC-QC will not work for that? That’s very sad.

What do you think about it?


The QC for the Inser effects is linked with the slot, you are right. Actually, might be, when you switch the order of Channel Strip slots, you will get the same results > you will not able to control the parameter.

I’m sorry, I cannot try it right now.

You’re damn right that QC presets desperately need a better organizational system. It’d be great if the presets were aware of what inserts you had loaded and only showed those that were relevant, or at the very least had some sort of folder structure. As it stands, they’re stored in a very basic XML file.
There’s a sort-of workaround for QC presets only being saved for one insert slot, though. You may notice that if you change the order of the plugins, the QC controls follow the plugin just fine; if you have, say, the API Vision on Slot 1 with the QCs set up to control the EQ gain and frequencies, dragging it to Slot 2 will preserve the mapping. So what I’ve done is made all of my QC presets pertain to the plugin in Insert Slot 8, and then when I want to use a plugin with a QuickControls preset, I load it to slot 8, load up the QC preset, and then rearrange the inserts however I want. It’s not pretty, but it beats having eight presets for every plugin depending on what slot you’re in.
What this doesn’t help with is if you want to use more than one QC preset with a plugin. Going back to the API Vision example, I have a QC preset for the EQ section and another for the Dynamics section. I’d love to be able to switch between these, particularly with a key command (I’m gonna put this in as a feature request post-haste), but unfortunately if I want to do this I have drag the plugin back to slot 8, change the preset there, then drag it back to its rightful place. Again, not pretty, but still beats having to have eight identical presets depending on your slot number.