Control-Right Clicking a Region in Nuendo Doesn't Show Extensions

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong… but haven’t been able to figure it out.

When I ctrl-right click on an audio region, which is described as a shortcut tip to get to SpectraLayers in Nuendo, I just get the mini-toolbar. Is this a setting I can fix, or is it maybe something else?




What platform, Windows or macOS ?
I just tested in Nuendo 11 and the following shortcuts show a contextual menu when hovering an audio clip:

on Windows:
Ctrl+Right Click

on macOS:
Ctrl+Right Click
Cmd+Right Click
Right Click
Cmd+Left Click

I’m on a Mac, and am getting the same as you… but the SpectraLayers manual says that Ctrl+Right Click should present extensions when you click over an event. It’s not really a big deal, as there are the other couple of ways of doing it… but I do wonder what I’m doing wrong. This would probably be the most convenient way to get there.


If you do get the contextual menu as in the screenshot below, then that’s exactly what you’re supposed to get. The Tip from the manual then say to click on Extensions > SpectraLayers:

I just tried it… and it worked. I’ve clearly been awake too long this month.

Thank you for responding!


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