Control Room - 2.1 output

Hi All
There are a couple of steiny threads on similar…1 with a lot of tension etc and none of them were clearly answered so Ill try and make this super clear;

I have 4 reference sets of speakers (we will refer to ‘monitors’ in this discussion);

  1. ATC T16 + Sub (Magnifying glass)
  2. NS10 + Sub (shared) (general time domain checking)
  3. MMedia type (Highest time share)
  4. Auratone type (walk by reference)

Please dont make any comments about it wrong, why blah blah; I have a adopted some Marc Mozart tips which actually really work for me and the proof is in the translation…best its ever been. This is strictly a topic on Monitor/Routing for the control room

This question focuses on the first 2 monitors

Each of the speakers has a different crossover requirement
T16 = approx 55
NS10 = approx 80

My idea was to

  • have a stereo output buss feed the control room monitor (simple)
    Mon 1 + 2 to have a stereo output AND 1 mono output to send to the sub
    Using a decent filter (I do like the sonalksis of Oxford), use the eq plugs as a crossover on the mono output so that the sub send is filtered accordingly.

In other words, I would like a 3 channel output with channel 3 being a mono clone of L+R and having an LP filter insert on it

Hope that makes sense…can do a flow chart but its not that complicated.



same sub for both theT16’s and NS10’s?

Yep, diff LP filter for each route group :slight_smile:


I’m guessing
A. I’m doing something unusual :-/
B. I haven’t explained properly
C. Cubase is not capable

If someone could advise that it can’t be done is fine too as then I can look for another solution

A and C i think…
In Nuendo it is possible to create a “send” from output channels, so I can send from my stereo out to a mono output and put a lowpass filter plug on that mono out and patch it to a sub. (This is essentially bypassing control room though.) There does not seem to be a way to do it VIA control room.
But Cubase does not have the ability to create sends from output channels, so you`d have to route everything to a master group channel first, which gets cumbersome.

There are plugins like DDMF sendit, that you could put on a stereo control room insert and “send it” to a receiver on a mono output and then add your LPF to that… But that involves other software and is a little convoluted…
This is the plug that will let you send from a control room insert, to another instance of the plugin on another output

Thanks @graverly…appreciate your response
Neat plug…a bit like a high level maxmsp patch
Nice workaround but yes, it gets messy…was hoping to go from control room stereo buss to LRC monitor output using an inverse of mix6to2
Easy to do in Live but I’m not a fan of mixdown in Live

I have a very similar setup except I have stereo subs, shared between two pairs of monitors.

I use Melda MChannelMatrix. It’s a free plugin and it allows you to route/duplicate the channels in a surround signal. In Control Room, create a surround monitor output (Sorry can’t tell you specifically which type to use for a 2.1 setup but I’m sure you can figure that out). Then use the MChannelMatrix plugin to route your L and R signals to the sub output. You can then use a surround capable EQ plugin (DMG Equilibrium for example) to filter only the sub channel. If you wish to delay/time align your stereo signal, you can use the Steinberg MixerDelay plugin. This setup will allow for different filtering/volume on the sub when you switch between your different monitors.

BTW, in case you’re not already aware, you will need to make sure your preferences are set to allow the same audio outputs to be used in multiple monitor configurations. Otherwise you will not be able to use the same sub with two different monitors. Can’t remember the exact name of the preference setting right now though.

Thanks j-s-q, appreciated
I went back to Cubase 5 (had 10 on trial) as I’m just way more comfortable and the only real advantage was plugin management but lost the 32bit bridge in the process which is important

Even when I insert on multichannel track… anywhere either 5 or 10…only shows stereo in so guess I’ll just use RME total mix with no crossover management.


Not sure what you mean by this.

See the pic…same for both C5 and C10…inserted into a 6.0cine group

You need to enable the Surround functions. Click the L+R button at the bottom left and then select SURROUND at the bottom of the drop down menu. This should give you access too all the signal routings.

Brilliant! Thanks…I should have read the manual to the plug…nice interface but just a little hard to get use to…even using it a number of times…too much siltation on my behalf
So last clue is…how do you get to the insert routing for the monitor channel? Then I declare the issue solved :slight_smile: