Control Room - 2 outs at the same time

How can I do this?
Using Axe Fx III (which has 4 stereo outs) with 2 stereo outs enabled.
Currently using control room I can only choose between main OR monitor X out.
I need 2 stereo outs going to my hardware mixer.


You can do this by using 2 Monitor busses.

Not from I can see. One you select one, the other is not active.
Also when you go on an audio track you only see the main bus, monitors not available as outputs.


Oh I see, I got it now. You want to use one Audio Port for multiple busses on Cubase. I’m sorry, this feature is Nuendo only.

Hello,can you use Direct routing?


Direct routing is here to route one channel to multiple buses. I can’t imagine, how this could help.

Using multiple audio outs on a track without Control room is possible.
Having this in Control Room is a premium feature?

Seems like you could set it up like a headphone cue but route it to a speaker instead. Then have that cue play the main mix.