Control Room 2nd Monitor Volume Independence?

Hi, I added a second Monitor to Control Room routed to a different set of outputs. I can switch between these 2 Monitors successfully in Control Room. Is there any way to have different volumes on each of these. The big Red Mix Knob seems to control the volume for both Monitors, or is there a volume control I’m missing?


There is only 1 knob. The expectation is, you set the relation between the two monitors on the hardware side (or in the Audio Device’s Mixer).

Actually, it works like this by purpose. To be able to quickly change the listening level of all monitors at once.

Thanks @Martin.Jirsak,

Can I get different levels with any of the other Control Room outputs such as Headphone outputs?


Yes, the Phones, as you mentioned, offers own control. Is not as big as the Main one and it’s not as red as the Main one (actually, it’s green), but it does the job.

Little and green is fine… thanks!