Control Room Acting diffrent

In Nuendo 10 I could set up two sets of monitors in control room both going to Out 1 & 2 this allowed me to be able to switch between two different sets of speakers using control room monitor. I just set up Cubase 12 and It won’t allow me to do this anymore. How can I use 2 different set of monitors going to the same out as before?


This is not possible in Cubase. This feature is Nuendo only, sorry.

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ok thanks. Guess I’ll have to stick to nuendo 10 until 12 comes out…

That is odd, unless I misunderstand your question, this is exactly how I have it in Cubase 12:
I have 3 “monitors” set to the same outputs and in Control Room itself, I have one with Sonarworks plugin, one (2) with a different speaker emulation and one (3) with Left & Right reversed. works fine here.

Maybe save your CR preset from Nuendo and import to Cubase. You will find the file:

%APPDATA%\Steinberg\Nuendo 10_64\Presets

Screen shot from C12:

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Hi, I seem to remember that there is a setting somewhere that allows or disallowes using the same outputs more than once.

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Thanks my friend. Your suggestion did work.

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You remembered correctly: :wink:


How are you guys connecting multiple speakers to the same physical outputs?

It certainly looks like it. The setting they are referring to is in “preferences” - thanks for the tip, I didn’t know you could do that - I always did the route to a different output. Now I will definitely set up one version for Sonarworks as well as clean :slight_smile: