Control Room: Ambix to headphone and surround to speakers?

I’m trying to do the above. I’ve got two outputs, 5.1 surround and an Ambisonics output, neither of which is set to go out to the hardware directly as I want them both to route through the CR. Now if you set either as the “Main Mix” then they will route properly, but not together. Meaning if the ambisonics is set to Main Mix, the CR headphone will pick it up and work fine. But the CR speaker is also getting a Ambisonics mix down mixed to stereo. The same thing happens vice versa.

I simply want to listen to ambisonics (or any output mix really) on headphones, and simultaneously 5.1 (or a different one) on speakers - possible? Thanks much for your kind help, still new to Cubase and learning the ropes.