Control Room and alternate headphone mixes

I want to switch between monitoring two separate output busses using the headphones in control room, but I cannot seem to find a way as it only seems to allow for one monitoring connection.

As a secondary method, I tried using the main mix in the CR to do this, but when selecting “monitor sources” they are not set up to be mutually exclusive, which is inconvenient for this purpose.

Wouldn’t it be more helpful if you could select specific output busses for each monitoring configuration in the audio connections/control room setup?

I am not totally sure I understand your issue, but maybe this can help: as my interface has two different stereo line outputs, I set up, aside from the main monitors outputs a headphone output in CR (out 3 and 4 in my case). Then I create different cue mixes in CR (up to four of them) routed to no output. The you need to set up the cue send level in your channels. After that, I can quickly select in the headphone output in CR from which cue mix gets signal. So I have just one headphone monitor and can easily select from up to four different cue mixes for it.